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‘Get the f*ck out of my house’ is a hectic reality show where 100 people have to survive in a house meant for four. Participants can leave voluntarily or are send away, the last one wins the leftover of the household money.

This second screen app for GTFOOMH is a game which you play with friends. To win you have to collect the most points which are earned by betting on the right participants that are involved in funny events.

YBOCS introduction


Right before the show starts the user will recieve a notification, the app will open with a countdown so the user knows he has to get ready.

Question 1


During the show, three questions are asked about funny events where the user has to bet on the participants that are involved.

Question explanation


Once the little event happened, the user can see how many points he and his friends earned and how much he needs to win.

Question answered


When the game ends the player is send to the video library where he can buy video’s with the coins won, to get to know more about the particpants.

GTFOOMH planning


Every week the user chooses one object to send into the house. This way viewers have more control over the show.

GTFOOMH activities


Also the user chooses six survivors to earn extra points, six because that’s the amount who get to play the final games.

look back

Each player has the option to take a look back on their answers and see what other players were betting on. They can also see what their rankings are compared to other players.

GTFOOMH responsive


1 person

3 weeks

my contribution
Ideation, UI/UX design, front-end development


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